Top 5 Wednesday – Covers I’d Want to Live In

Today I am participating in Top 5 Wednesday and will be showing you some book covers that I would love to live in.

Plantation Shudders by Ellen Byron takes place on a plantation in Pelican, Louisiana. I’ve always been fascinated with Louisiana and all the culture down there, so I would love to live in a place like that.  Not to mention, the food described in this book sounds AH-MA-ZING!

Amnesia by Cambria Hebert takes place in a small lake town in Maine.  I grew up in and have lived in a small town my whole life, so I love that small town feel that this book gives you.  Maine seems like it would be a pretty cool place to live, too.

I absolutely love the beachy look on this cover. I’ve loved the beach since I was a little kid and would give almost anything to be able to live near or on the beach.  ❤

I haven’t read this book yet so I’m not sure where it takes place, but any place that has a lot of snow like this is a place for me!  We don’t get a lot of snow where I live in North Carolina, so any time we get some is a treat!  That probably doesn’t make very much sense since I was just talking about how much I love the beach, but hey…what can I say? I love the beach and the snow.  😀

And here we have a bakery.  😀  Pretty self explanatory, right?  😉

What book covers would you like to live in? 

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Covers I’d Want to Live In

    1. Ha! I wasn’t taking the murders into account. I’ll either have to rethink my choices or hire a bodyguard. 😉


  1. I’ll take the beach! I hate the snow!!! Ugh. It’s the worst! I’ve lived in the snowbelt my entire life so we get slammed with snow every year! (If you look up snowiest cities in the US, my city, Erie, PA, is usually in the top every year if not first) I’ll trade ya! I’ll move to NC and you can come live in PA with alllllll the snow! Luckily I’m planning on moving to Austin, TX in December so I can FINALLY get the heck outta the snowbelt!


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