Discussion – Bookish This or That


  • New or Used?
    I’m perfectly fine with either on this one. I love both new and used books.
  • Paperback or E-Book?
    I have started to prefer reading paperback and hardback books over e-books. Reading on my Kindle has really become painful for my eyes the last few months and I’ve been slowly stepping away from them. 

  • Read all the words or skim?
    I read all the words if it is a book that I’m enjoying. If it is a book I’m struggling with, I will sometimes skim to see what happens.

  • Happily Ever After or Tragic?
    I love happily ever afters and that is what I prefer, especially when reading a romance. Sometimes though, a tragic ending makes sense for the story and I’m okay with that as well.

  • Audiobooks or E-Books?
    As painful as reading e-books has become for my eyes, I’ll still choose an e-book over an audiobook. I can’t stand audiobooks. I’ve tried to listen to them on several occasions and I just can’t do it. I lose focus and start thinking about other things and then I end up missing things that are happening in the story. 
    claire danes GIF
  • Multiple books or one at a time?
    I can only read one book at a time. I’ve seen people reading six, seven, and even eight books at a time and I’m just like… how?! What is this sorcery? If I try to read more than one book at a time, I get the plots and the characters mixed up and it’s just not pretty. 

  • Read to others or be read to?
    I would prefer to read to others. It’s the same thing as the audiobooks. When someone is reading to me, I can’t focus and my mind ends up going to other things. 

  • Silence or Background noise?
    Silence. Absolute silence. I can’t concentrate and am easily distracted when there is noise in the background when I’m trying to read. 
    quiet alan rickman GIF

  • Dog-ear or Bookmark?
    Bookmark all the way. I don’t like to dog-ear pages.

  • Movie covers or Originals?

  • Read on couch or in bed?
    On the couch. I can’t get comfortable when reading in bed. 

  • Read outside or inside?
    Inside. I am more comfortable inside. I don’t like the brightness when reading outside and there’s also background noise. 

  • Snacks while reading or none?
    None. I don’t want to get my kindle screen or physical book dirty.

  • Book that makes you laugh or cry?
    I lean toward books that make me laugh. Although sometimes you just need to have a good ugly cry, so those books are fine, too. 

  • First person POV or third person POV?
    First person. I used to read almost exclusively third person but then I started reading romance and a lot of those are written in first person POV, so I became used to that and prefer first person POV now. I still read books in third person, but it takes me a little bit to adjust to the change.



What do you all prefer with these questions? I’d love to hear your answers!


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