15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – 1

I found this challenge over on Pandora’s Books. It sounded like a lot of fun, and I know this challenge is really old, but I wanted to participate in it. It looks to have been created by Good Books and Good Wine.


The prompt for today is: Make 15 book related confessions

  1. I have never read the Fifty Shades of Grey books and never intend to. I’m just not interested.
  2. I tried to read several super hyped YA books last year and they all sucked. It has almost permanently put me off to the hype train.
  3. One of the very best friends I have is a book blogger that I met on Twitter. I am closer to them than I am my real life friends.
  4. It is hard for me to read outside of my comfort zone but I do give all books I read a fair chance.
  5. I am moving away from reading e-books since reading on my Kindle has become so painful on my eyes lately.
  6. I cherish my signed books and am super protective over them.
  7. If I don’t like a book by an author, I will give one more of their books a chance before I decide they just aren’t for me.
  8. I miss being able to read as much as I used to before I started college.
  9. I lost every single book I owned in a house fire a few years ago and have been slowly building my collection back up ever since.
  10. I love reading romance books.
  11. Cozy mysteries are also at the top of my list of favorite genres.
  12. I arrange my shelves by author. The rainbow shelves make no sense to me and make my eye twitch.
  13. I check out books from the library and then end up not getting to them before they are due, so I have to renew them or just take them back and check them out again later.
  14. I have books *everywhere* in my house. They’re slowly taking over.     o_0
  15. I have an insane addiction to book sleeves. My collection is growing rapidly.

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