15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – 12

I found this challenge over on Pandora’s Books. It sounded like a lot of fun, and I know this challenge is really old, but I wanted to participate in it. It looks to have been created by Good Books and Good Wine.


Today’s prompt is: How do you fight blogger fatigue?

I don’t think I have really experienced blogger fatigue yet. I’m probably incredibly luck with that since I hear about bloggers getting burned out all the time.

What prevents blogger fatigue for me is that I am really laid back about everything and don’t stress myself out over posts. I post reviews once I am finished with a book. I participate in the memes and prompts that interest me. I take part in tags and discussion posts as they come along. I don’t post to a schedule so that is a huge stress relief for me. I just post whenever and that works best for me.

If I get to where I am overwhelmed with ARCs and my TBR, I just slow down on requesting books, which also allows me to not be as stressed out.


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