My BOOkish Blog Hop: Reading Habits


I recently joined a group on Facebook where book bloggers come together to support each other. There is a monthly blog hop where a blogger hosts a question each day and other bloggers chime in with their answers as well.

I’m excited to say that I’m participating this month and am hosting a question today.

Today’s blog hop question is: Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog? 

My answer: My reading habits have definitely changed since starting a blog. Before I became a blogger, I pretty much stuck to reading the same couple of authors. I didn’t branch out very much. Since becoming a blogger, I have found so many new authors to read. I’ve even tried out new genres that I never would have thought I’d ever read, much less actually enjoy. It’s opened up a whole new world for me!

Check out what some of my fellow bloggers had to say:

Leslie Conzatti
Leslie Conzatti

Oh, absolutely! Not just starting a blog, but the decision to feature reviews on my blog has changed my reading habits drastically! Before starting a blog, a lot of my reading was very conservative and rather religious in nature, lots of obscure classics that nobody outside of  specific era has really ever heard of, like Tom Swift and the Bobbsey Twins, or the entire collection of G. A. Henty novels.

When I publicized the fact that I wanted to start featuring reviews, the first to respond was a sci-fi dystopian author and a paranormal investigator/urban fantasy author–both genres I had never really delved into. I loved both books so intensely, they became the reference point for subsequent books. As far as the featured reviews go, I’ve enjoyed and reviewed books in genres I had dismissed before, like supernatural and horror. Furthermore, sharing lists of library checkouts I read motivated me to check out more and more, and becoming acquainted with new genres encouraged me to be more adventurous in exploring the library shelves, and opened new avenues to countless authors I’d have otherwise missed. Blogging has changed my reading habits so much, for the better!

Jo Linsdell
Jo Linsdell

Becoming a blogger has definitely opened me up to books I probably wouldn’t have considered before. I’m much more likely to try out a new genre now than I was before, and have discovered some real gems over the years thanks to taking a chance on review copies.

That said, blogging about books has also given me a clearer idea of the sorts of books I enjoy. When I find out about a new book, I now know certain things I look for to see if it might be a good read for me. This means I generally pick books that I know I will enjoy. I make much more conscience choices now.

Brandy Potter
Brandy Potter

Yes and no. The first book that Liz got for Written By… (previous incarnation) was a book that was a highly specific genre that neither of us had any experience in. Still she had to review it so plodded through it but…She was objective, the book was not only a bad genre for her but poorly written from her standpoint. She sent the review back to the author and said hey we don’t want to publish this and have it hurt your feelings. The author was genuinely upset and even cussing at us because other reviewers had given him glowing reviews… the thing was, the other reviewers knew the genre and knew that his style of writing fit that genre perfectly. She apologized profusely and suggested he look for more reviewers for that genre. Therefore we limited what we reviewed.

There have been times that reviewing opened a door to a story or genre that I found interesting. However more often than not I have found that if you are forced to review a genre that rubs you the wrong way. I.E. a conservative reviewing erotica or a religious writer reviewing a story about demonic possession, than your review will be biased. So yes in some ways things I read have changed. But I also learned to limit what I review to things that aren’t going to offend me or that have structure that I don’t understand.

Eline –

I went into blogging with very clear and definitive genre limitations. Apart from that my habits have definitely changed. When I was just listening or reading for myself I’d rarely look for new authors and would just buy what I already knew for sure I’d like.

However, for the blog – since it’s so new still – I want to cover a lot of ground, many different authors and audiobook narrators. So I always look for something different. That actually has the downside that I rarely take the time to finish a series. I will definitely have to work on that!

bbh day 13
Laura Morningstar – Loving Life Everyday

My reading habits have definitely changed. Book blogging was what kickstarted me into reading again after a horribly long slump. Since starting to blog though I find that I read books from a wider range of genres than I did before. Everything I read now I read from the point of view of would it be enjoyable to other people.

I have finished books that I wouldn’t normally have finished due to being committed to a review. Sometimes that has led me to enjoying a book I didn’t think I would and at others reading something I have really disliked. If I dislike a book I look at whether it is because it’s a genre or writing style I don’t enjoy or whether it is truly poorly written. If it’s because the book isn’t quite my cup of tea then I will always try to point out the good points within my review while keeping it as balanced as possible. I’m not afraid to say I didn’t like a book.

The other way it has changed my reading habits is that I am more conscious of what books I buy and now knowing the hard work book bloggers do, always check the reviews first.

So, what about you? Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog?


Here’s the schedule for the BOOkish Blog Hop so you can follow all the posts:

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