Monthly Wrap-Up – November 2018


November was a pretty quiet month for us. We didn’t really do anything special other than going to our city’s annual Christmas parade. Yeah. o_0 Our city has the Christmas parade in the middle of November every year. We’re not sure why lol.

I hope November was a good month for all of you.

If you could send me prayers, good vibes, or whatever it is that you do, I would really appreciate it. I’ve been fighting with congestion in my lungs since October and nothing is working to make it any better. I’m just so worn down and weak lately. This is taking a pretty big toll on me and I would love for it to be over so I can finally feel better and more like myself again. I can’t even walk out to my car anymore without getting winded. 😦

Book Haul

Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks – publisher
Eggs on Ice by Laura Childs – publisher
Fudge Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke – bought
Italian Iced by Kylie Logan – bought
Room for Murder by Tim Myers – bought
The Cottage on Rose Lane by Hope Ramsay – publisher
The Story of Us by Tara Sivec – publisher
Archenemies by Marissa Meyer – gift
Death and Daisies by Amanda Flower – publisher
The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher – publisher
Can’t Forget You by Rachel Lacey – publisher
The Pomeranian Always Barks Twice by Alex Erickson – author

Curvy by Alexa Riley – freebie
Retreat by Jay Crownover – freebie
Emergency Engagement by Samanthe Beck – freebie
Natural Thorn Killer by Kate Dyer-Seeley – bought
Falling for the Bad Boy by Kennedy Fox – freebie
Butterface by Avery Flynn – bought
Tandem Demise by Duffy Brown – ARC
Tumble by Adriana Locke – Netgalley

Huge thank you to the publishers, authors, and Netgalley for the books I received in exchange for an honest review.

Monthly Funny

Obsessing over a book in a series and then literally forgetting everything when the next one comes out a year later.


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